Brutal murderer sentenced to 29 years to life for killed young teen for not getting an abortion


Autopsy shows girl not pregnant

By Dave Andrusko

Christian Ferdinand, Shaniesha Forbes

Christian Ferdinand, Shaniesha Forbes

The crime was so horrific, so deranged, it was almost impossible to write about at the time. But yesterday 22-year-old Christian Ferdinand was sentenced to 29 years to life for murdering 14-year-old Shaniesha Forbes whom he was convinced was pregnant but who would not get an abortion.

“After telling Ferdinand that she was pregnant and would not get an abortion, [Ferdinand] smothered the teen with a pillow, sprayed the corpse with Axe body spray and ignited it,” wrote John Marzulli for the New York Daily News. “Then he stuffed Shaniesha inside a suitcase and tossed it into Gerritsen Creek. Several days later she washed up on the beach. An autopsy determined the victim was not pregnant.”

Ferdinand was found guilty late last year of “Mimi’s” murder and when he was sentenced Wednesday, all his protestations of innocence to state Supreme Court Justice Neil Firetog fell on deaf ears. The family had to listen while Ferdinand said, “I never put a hand on a female in an inappropriate manner”; that “I would never kill someone over an abortion”; and that “My condolences to the family, but I didn’t kill Shaniesha.”

According to Marzulli, Forbes’ cousin Kerri-Ann Thomas said

Shaniesha was known as “Mimi” and they would never see her wear a Sweet 16 dress or go to college.”He (Ferdinand) was 20 years old, the age most people consider to be a man but it’s obvious he is no such thing.”

Sandra Price, Shaniesha’s mother, was so upset after the sentencing she had to be taken from the courthouse in a wheelchair.

Shaniesha, a freshman at The Academy for Young Writers, was found dead on Gerritsen Beach on January 6, roughly three miles from her home. “She had vanished in January after leaving her Flatlands home, saying she was going to school,” according to reporter Hannington Dia, reporting in May 2013,