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10 amazing things that happen to babies before birth

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The advent of contemporary technology and the proliferation of medical information have created a real-time window into the womb. The myriad ways in which babies move, grow, and change before birth is nothing short of remarkable.

The following is a list of the ten most common occurrences that occur in babies before birth. These 10 phenomena illustrate the distinctive characteristics, intrinsic value, and, of course, the humanity of the fetus.

Moreover, each of these 10 occurrences typically occurs during the first trimester, which accounts for approximately 90% of abortions in the United States.

1) It can be demonstrated that, on the first day following fertilization, the human embryo is identifiable as a specific individual human being on a molecular level.

A South Dakota legislative task force, appointed to examine the scientific evidence supporting the humanity of the unborn, concluded that “the new recombinant DNA technologies indisputably prove that the unborn child is a whole human being from the moment of fertilization, that all abortions terminate the life of a living human being, and that the unborn child is a separate human patient under the care of modern medicine.”

2) The fetal heart begins to beat at 21 days.

The following video depicts the heart of the fetus at four weeks and four days, approximately one week after the onset of heartbeats.

According to the Endowment for Human Development, the heart beats approximately 54 million times between fertilization and birth.

3) At 2 to 3 weeks, a baby’s brain is the first organ to develop.

4) It is possible for a baby to experience physical pain as early as the fifth week of his life.

After a comprehensive examination of scientific resources and a detailed review of medical testimony, the South Dakota Task Force concluded that the necessary components for pain detection in the spinal cord are present at an early developmental stage. Furthermore, studies have documented that infants exhibit a capacity to move away from unwanted or painful touch in their first few weeks of in utero life.

5) The kidneys of a fetus are present at only five weeks of gestational age.

Indeed, by the eighth week of gestation, all of the fetal organs have been formed and are ready for further development.

6) It is possible to measure the brainwaves of a baby at six weeks of age.

For your convenience, you may view the brainwaves here.

7) At six weeks, a baby will move away if his mouth is touched.

The Endowment for Human Development has made available a video of a six-week-old infant responding to touch here.

8) A baby’s ear can be seen around 6 weeks.

9) A Baby Has Fingerprints at 9-10 Weeks.

The fingerprints of a baby at this age will remain consistent throughout the child’s life. The development of the child’s permanent identification is underway. A video demonstrating the appearance of an unborn baby’s fingerprints can be accessed here.

10) A baby can suck her thumb and yawn at 9 1/2 weeks old.

According to the Endowment for Human Development, the majority of infants exhibit a preference for their right thumb. At this age, a multitude of developments are occurring. During this period, the infant’s vocal cords are developing, their bones are undergoing ossification, and their toenails and fingernails are emerging. A video of a ten-week-old baby yawning can be viewed here.

For further information on prenatal development, please refer to the following link.

Editor’s Note: The information presented here has been extensively researched and documented by two reputable organizations: The Endowment for Human Development, a nonprofit dedicated to improving health science education and public health, and the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion.


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