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Offering Real Alternatives to Women in Crisis draws pro-abortion ire

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Perhaps the greatest evidence that Pennsylvania’s groundbreaking Alternatives to Abortion program is working – and working extremely well – is the fact that it is being targeted in the pro-abortion blogosphere.

RH Reality Check, an online apologist for the abortion industry, bemoans the fact that the program – administered by Real Alternatives, Inc. – has received a vote of confidence from state leaders in the form of additional funding proposals. Whenever successful pregnancy resource centres receive recognition – and modest funding – they come under fierce attack from abortion businesses and their supporters.

Here’s an example of why the programme has drawn the ire of pro-abortion extremists.

The young woman who walks into the office may have been pro-life since she first became aware of the issue of abortion. Then she finds herself pregnant, her boyfriend leaves her and she feels completely alone. In this hour of crisis, she may be tempted to seek an abortion.

But the kind, compassionate woman who greets her in the waiting room of the crisis pregnancy centre is just the person she needs in her life at this critical time, someone who can shine a light into the darkness that threatens to engulf her.

That is what Pennsylvania’s Alternatives to Abortion Program offers – a ray of hope, a listening ear, a kind word, a trusted ally. The groundbreaking programme has now served more than 200,000 clients and their families – and similar programmes have sprung up across the country.

The brainchild of former Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey, it is supported by current Governor Tom Corbett and a bipartisan coalition of legislators. Women facing unexpected pregnancies need more than a pamphlet, said Kevin Bagatta, president and CEO of Real Alternatives. They need a person who will walk with them on their journey, who will offer comprehensive support, and who will not judge them.

And the programme has been phenomenally successful across the Commonwealth. Consider these figures from the 2010-11 financial year:

64% of women who entered the programme considering abortion chose to give birth
88% of women pressured by others to abort chose to give birth
67% of women who were pressurised AND considering abortion chose to give birth.

Real Alternatives also offers a toll-free hotline, 1-888-Life-aid, which connects women to their local pregnancy resource centres where they can receive free pregnancy tests, counselling, and support for themselves and their babies, both during their pregnancy and for the 12 months after.

The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, which represents the state’s bishops, has expressed strong support for the programme, noting its ability to stand with women in their hour of need. Pastors across the state have also embraced the programme for its life-affirming, life-changing focus.

A national survey found that more than 80 per cent of post-abortive women surveyed would have chosen life for their children if only one person had offered support. For many women in Pennsylvania, that one person was found at a Real Alternatives centre.

“First of all, you’re not alone,” said Kevin Bagatta of Real Alternatives in a recent K-LOVE Radio interview. “There are people who care about you… so you can be empowered… to choose life.”

For more information about Real Alternatives, please visit www.realalternatives.org.


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