Heartbeat International responds to “the most recent of a long line of ongoing attacks by NARAL on our pregnancy help centers”


Editor’s note. We have twice posted on NARAL’s most recent sleazy attack on crisis pregnancy centers, in this instance convincing Google to refuse to accept advertising from an as yet unspecified number of CPCs [nrlc.cc/1hQwuSI and nrlc.cc/1o0tIje].

The ostensible grounds? That the ads from these pregnancy help centers were deceiving and violated Google’s own ad policies. Nothing could be further from the truth, as I’m sure even NARAL knows.

I asked Heartbeat International, a leading CPC, to respond. They sent me the following.

HB_logo-and-heartreWhen an organization with the clout of NARAL sets its sights on a grassroots movement like ours, and tries to strip a tool like Google out of our hands, we know we’re onto something good. The fact the majority of Americans now hold a pro-life stance that is, I’m sure, troubling to an abortion industry leader like NARAL, so we can expect these attacks to continue.

Heartbeat International is well-versed in using Google AdWords effectively with honesty and integrity, and we are thankful for every life saved because of our Option Line’s reach through Google.

Further, Google’s advertising policy has always prohibited “misleading, inaccurate and deceitful ads.” So does the Commitment of Care and Competence (CCC), the ethical guidelines promulgated by Heartbeat International and every other national pregnancy center organization.

Our CCC states: “All of our advertising and communication are truthful and honest and accurately describe the services we offer.”

This is the most recent of a long line of ongoing attacks by NARAL on our pregnancy help centers designed to intimidate, discredit and close down the very centers that provide real alternatives and choices to women when they most need confidential and loving help and support.