Roe v. Wade: the survivors remember

By April Holley and Derrick Jones

Editor’s note. Having enjoyed the 43rd National Right to Life Convention in Dallas, it seemed only natural that as part of our year-long “Roe at 40” series that we include this story from the August 12, 1998, edition of National Right to Life. April and Derrick wrote a great story about pro-life youth that is even more relevant today than it was 15 years ago. I hope you share it via your social media.

NRLC's Communication Director Derrick Jones

NRLC’s Communication Director Derrick Jones

The NRLC Youth Outreach Program is working to unite pro-life teens and college students–the survivors of Roe v. Wade–to take a stand against the tragic decision that has led to the death of so many of their peers.

The energy and commitment of pro-life youth was evident this year as more than 120 teens and college students from around the country gathered in Orlando, Florida, in June for the first annual YO! Convention, held in conjunction with NRLC ’98.

Designed to be a “hands-on” experience for participants, the YO! Convention focused on how teens and college students can impact their communities with the pro-life message.

Speakers at the YO! Convention including perennial favorites Olivia Gans; Dr. Vera Cole Bailey; and Karen Cross. They covered topics ranging from the basics about abortion and euthanasia to starting a teens for life and campus pro-life group to post-abortion syndrome.

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Participants had the opportunity to go “one-on-one” with the leaders of the pro-life movement and to share their experiences with other students from around the country to see what works and what doesn’t. One teen workshop session featured the board of North Dakota Teens for Life (NDTFL), one of the oldest and strongest state teens for life groups. The NDTFL board talked about past activities that have worked at not only spreading the pro-life message, but that help to bring more members to the youth movement.

The YO! Convention came to a close Saturday night with the traditional pizza banquet and dance.

Participants left Orlando with the tools needed to go back to their communities and make an impact and help save the next generation from the death that so many of their peers faced.

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