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‘October Baby’ could be a life saver

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In the year 2012, there has been a notable increase in the number of Americans attending independent films. One of these independent films, entitled October Baby and starring John Schneider, is now available on DVD. Its release coincides with the upcoming election on November 6th, which will see Catholics and others vote on a number of important issues. Indeed, this film will continue to resonate with women, men and teenagers who perceive themselves to be experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

The film October Baby is a coming-of-age love story that is both believable and influenced by the Catholic Church. It was written and directed by brothers Jon and Andy Erwin.

Andy Erwin stated that he and his wife were raised as Christians and that they currently attend a Baptist-affiliated church.

One of the film’s most visually appealing scenes takes place in a cathedral. This was a conscious decision, as the historical church setting provides a much more grandiose backdrop than could be achieved in any other location. Additionally, the Catholic Church’s long-standing and influential role in addressing life issues has always been a source of admiration. “I believe they have advocated for the value of life in a manner that is both admirable and inspiring.”

In its own way, this non-political film challenges the Democrats’ false narrative of a “war” on women by presenting a human face – that of a young woman – in support of the right to life. In its own way, October Baby is appealing to both young adults and older generations. Moreover, the film offers a refreshing portrayal of what it means to be a good man through the characters played by John Schneider and Jason Burkey.

The character of Hannah, played by Rachel Hendrix, is a 19-year-old college freshman who makes her theatrical debut on stage. Before Hannah can utter her first lines, she collapses and goes into convulsions, stunning the audience, including her parents, played by John Schneider and Jennifer Price.

Following a series of medical tests, it can be concluded that the most probable underlying factor is: The challenging nature of Hannah’s birth. To Hannah’s considerable surprise, she discovers that she was adopted following a failed abortion attempt.

Hannah experiences a sense of betrayal towards her adoptive and biological parents, leading her to seek solace in her lifelong friend Jason (Burkey). Together, they embark on a spring break road trip, accompanied by a motley crew of eccentric characters (including Chris Sligh as Bmac). Jason assists Hannah in locating her biological mother (Shari Rigby) and, in the process, Hannah encounters Mary (Jasmine Guy), a nurse who elucidates the extent to which Hannah’s life is more significant than she could have previously imagined.

The film October Baby was inspired by the experiences of abortion survivor and speaker Gianna Jessen, whom Jon encountered at a pro-life banquet. As a result of the attempted assassination, Jessen experiences seizures. However, she regards her disability as a “gift of cerebral palsy,” which she views as a source of joy.

It is reasonable to posit that at least 55.5 million abortions have been carried out in the United States since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade. It is therefore probable that Christians are acquainted with a post-abortive mother or father who is experiencing a profound sense of grief in secret. It is probable that post-abortive parents attend services at our parishes or, even more worryingly, avoid the sacraments on the grounds that they believe themselves to be unworthy of forgiveness. Furthermore, other Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, or irreligious neighbours and friends may be preparing to have their unborn children aborted.

Andy elucidated that the film, having been completed, diverges from the expectations of the audience. However, during the preliminary stages of development, we were advised by various parties not to proceed with the project. This is an unwise course of action. The suggestion was made to move on to something more conventional for the director’s inaugural film. After consideration, the decision was made to proceed with the project, despite the perceived risks involved. The narrative resonated with the filmmakers, and they felt compelled to tell it, regardless of the potential challenges.

Hendrix was taken aback by the audience’s responses. She stated: Prior to being informed of the specifics of the film, I consented to participate in the project. Given the exceptional quality of the narrative, it would have been unwise not to accept the role.

“Now, after the encounters I’ve had with people, I’m overwhelmed because I didn’t know that ‘October Baby’ would have such power. It’s right after the film. Usually two or three women will come up to me and a man will go up to Jon, the director, or Jason, the actor. And they say, ‘I want to tell you what this film did for me.

“What I liked about the script is that it wasn’t preachy,” says Jason Burkey. “As we’ve been doing screenings and more and more people are seeing the film, we’re hearing stories of people who are actually being healed by seeing this film because it relates to their lives in some way, to abortion in some way, because it kind of forces them to face these secrets that they’ve been holding all their lives.”

In the 2008 presidential election, a significant proportion of American voters demonstrated a lack of interest in the abortion policies espoused by Barack Obama. As an Illinois lawmaker, he opposed legislation designed to protect the lives of unborn children who had survived abortions. As president, he is pursuing an aggressive abortion agenda in his re-election campaign. In addition to issuing unconstitutional orders requiring all organizations to cover abortion-inducing drugs, he produced a White House commercial for the abortion chain Planned Parenthood and issued a 2012 Democratic Party platform promising free abortions.

The Erwin brothers created “October Baby” with the intention of uniting Christians in the noble cause of protecting the fundamental human right to life.

Andy inquired as to whether there were occasions and locations where differences between Protestants and Catholics could be discussed. “Indeed, that is acceptable. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects of the Christian faith that can be universally embraced, and this is undoubtedly one of them.

In addition to Hannah’s love story, the “October Baby” DVD presents brief interviews with a number of individuals, including abortion survivor Jessen, post-abortive mother Pat Layton, and others who offer their personal testimonies on the beauty of every human life, even in cases of disability and terminal illness. The film is available from the American Family Association, which financed the production in part.


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