What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Steven Mosher @ NRLC 2012,” Part 3

By Dave Andrusko

Steven W. Mosher

We are at the mid-week point of a five-part series based on the remarks delivered at the opening session of the 2012 National Right to Life Convention by Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute. He addressed the myth of overpopulation in a manner that the audience could easily follow and remember.

Yesterday National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias left off where Mr. Mosher began discussing the origins of the man-made Chinese famine from 1960-1962 which would eventually cost the lives of an estimated 43 million people. Mr. Mosher said

“Now at that point Chairman Mao could’ve done the right thing.  He could’ve announced to the world that his policies had failed and ask for help, and the great grain-producing countries of the world (like the United States and Canada and Australia) would’ve responded generously and ships of grain would have begun arriving in Chinese ports.  Instead he tried to hide the famine, hide the evidence of his failure.  And he did the worst possible thing – he sent the People’s Liberation Army (the Red Army) out into the countryside to collect the last stores of grain from starving peasants.  He wanted to make sure the Army was well fed because if you’re a dictator and the people with the guns get too unhappy with you, you often have a short and unhappy life.  He wanted to make sure the workers in the cities didn’t starve to death in large numbers but he didn’t care about the peasants. 

“And 43 million people died from 1960 to 1962 – not because of something called ‘overpopulation’; not because they were having too many children; but because a megalomaniac who was running China, who had no concern for human life, blamed his mistakes on the Chinese people.  And they died by the tens of millions.  Nothing to do with overpopulation.  Now the population controllers, in addition to telling us that we’re running out of food, (which is not true) also tell us that they can eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor and their children.” 

At that point Mr. Mosher screened a short video that reinforced the idea that people are our world’s greatest resource. The core of that video is that

people are the ultimate resource – the one resource you cannot do without.  We need children.  He said that the death of every baby by abortion “makes us all poorer in a moral sense” but that it makes us all poorer economically as well.  

He offered a very thoughtful metaphor.

“A baby is the ultimate resource and an abortion clinic is something like a Mercedes-Benz factory that, instead of producing new Mercedes-Benzs, takes Mercedes-Benzs and turns them into junk.  You’re killing off the most valuable resource that we have.  Every stomach comes with two hands attached; every mouth is backed by creative intelligence which, if properly educated, will make life better for not just themselves but for their families and for their nation as well.” 

In Thursday’s edition of PLP, Mr. Mosher discusses the idea of so-called zero-population growth, and then offers evidence that country after country is falling below the 2.1 children needed to maintain a stable population.

You can hear today’s broadcast or any you missed this week at www.prolifeperspective.com. You’ll also find links to many resources, include CDs and MP3s of the entire Convention and to the Population Research Institute’s You Tube Channel.