Reason #17 to Defeat Barack Obama: Silent to the cries of the unborn




Reason #17 to Defeat Barack Obama: Silent to the cries of the unborn

Just blocks from the White House, unborn babies capable of feeling great pain are brutally dismembered.

It’s completely legal. And the silence from Barack Obama about this brutality is deafening.

Because the Washington D.C. District Council repealed the District’s entire abortion law, abortion is now legal there for any reason, right up until birth. This has made our nation’s capital a draw for abortion seekers from states that have at least some limits on late abortions.

The abortion facility near the White House offers a type of abortion in which the baby is dismembered limb from limb, and they offer it until 26 weeks of pregnancy.

There is a mountain of scientific evidence that these abortions occur far past the point at which the baby can feel excruciating pain. In a D&E procedure, the abortionist uses a long steel tool called a “Sopher clamp” to twist off the unborn baby’s little arms and legs, crush the skull and remove the body parts one by one from what should be the safety of her mother’s womb.

Why is the President silent about this?

The Constitution gives ultimate responsibility for protection of human life and other matters in the District of Columbia to Congress and the President. You might remember from your history classes that one of the first anti-slavery acts President Lincoln and the Congress passed in the 1860s was to abolish slavery in the District.

Yesterday, a strong majority of the House of Representatives supported the D.C. Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act by a margin of 220-154. The bill would ban abortions, except to save the life of the mother, at 20 weeks fetal age on the basis that that there is compelling scientific evidence that by this point (if not earlier) the baby can feel excruciating pain during an abortion.

Experts in fetal development tell us that not only can a baby can feel pain by this age, but that she can express that pain in reactions and facial expressions that mimic a baby’s cry. It’s hard to imagine any human being not feeling compassion for these children, not wanting to do something immediately to alleviate their suffering.

Yet Barack Obama hasn’t said a word.

We get a clue about what Obama might really think about the barbarity of painful late abortions from his press secretary, Jay Carney. Yesterday, Carney was asked for the White House’s position on the bill.

Carney claimed he hadn’t spoken to the President about “this particular piece of legislation,” but that “the President’s position on a woman’s reproductive freedom is well known.” He went on to call the bill to stop the suffering of unborn children in late abortions “controversial, divisive social legislation.”

Sounds like a wink and a nod to pro-abortion supporters that Obama would veto any law that protects the unborn.

Obama has opposed restriction on late abortions in the past. He voted against a ban on partial-birth abortions as a member of the Illinois State Senate in 1997 and his Administration recently stated its opposition to a bill that would ban sex-selection abortions, most of which occur late in pregnancy.

No one who supports such a barbaric policy on late abortions should be president of a compassionate people. It’s one more reason why the National Right to Life Victory Fund will continue to work as hard as we can to defeat Barack Obama and elect a pro-life Senate and House in 2012.

But to do that, we need your help. Your financial support helps us win on the ground in close elections. Forwarding this e-mail to friends and voters informs them how extremely radical our President’s position on abortion is.

Imagine saving even one child from the brutality of such an excruciating abortion. National Right to Life has passed these bans in several states; please help us stop painful late abortions in our nation’s capital, as well, by helping us elect a pro-life President and Congress on November 6th!


Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life

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