Obligated to do all we can





By Megan McCrum, Program Director,
National Right to Life Academy

Graduates of the National Right to Life Academy 2012 class gather with NRLC President Carol Tobias, Co-Executive Director Darla St. Martin and course instructors on the NRLC roof.

The evening of July 26 marked the graduation ceremony of the sixth annual National Right to Life Academy. National Right to Life staff gathered with the nine college student leaders who participated in this summer’s program to congratulate them on their successful completion of the program. The Academy is National Right to Life’s intensive summer course on life issues for pro-life college students. Experts on the National Right to Life staff primarily provide the course instruction, and friends from groups like the Family Research Council and the Leadership Institute also visit as guest instructors. The five-week curriculum is truly a pro-life boot camp – students spend all day in the classroom and have a rigorous reading schedule in the evening.

Writing about her experience for Wisconsin Right to Life, Academy student Rachel Schumacher described the daily schedule: “Typically in a day we have two or three hours of lecture and a few hours of practicum.  In practicum we each lobby a pretend congressperson or give a speech on camera, and then we watch ourselves and hear critique.  This gives us a chance to improve our speaking skills….  Also, in lecture we have learned about the history of the right-to-life movement, with a focus on understanding how our present situation has developed and what methods are practical and work.”

The newly-minted graduates of the Academy class of 2012 are heading back home to their home states and college communities reinvigorated and further equipped in their leadership for life. As on graduate, Veronica Arnold of Texas, put it, “After the Academy, I can’t escape the feeling that I am now obligated to do all that I can for protecting the dignity of life – because now I know what to do. I am so grateful for this knowledge and the skills I have been given.”