Elections Have Consequences – Even for Pro-Aborts in Spain





By Rai Rojas

Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain

“Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” President Barack Obama to Eric Cantor on January 23, 2009.

During the first weeks of November 1983, a meeting was held in the beautiful old city of Barcelona, Spain – the majestic city facing the Mediterranean Sea was overtaken by thousands of angry Spanish feminists.  They were gathered there to conference on how to best change and repeal Spain’s protective abortion laws.

At the height of the convention, two young pregnant women were taken into a conference room and aborted. At the next day’s general assembly the leading feminists of the day held up two bloody glass jars containing the remains of two aborted children.

Thunderous applause led to cheers and screams of delight as the two dead babies were displayed high above the heads of the speakers – their trophies. Some who were there reported that the room shook from the stomping of feet and the chants that followed.

From the stage, and next to the dismembered children, speakers claimed that this was the only way for Spanish women to achieve parity with their sisters in more progressive nations.  Empowered by the “courageous” acts of the unnamed abortionist they began a pro-abortion campaign never before seen in that country.

And they had great success.

Within months of that meeting in Barcelona, Spain loosened its once protective laws to allow abortions in case of the mother’s life, the mother’s health, rape or incest, or fetal deformity. In 1991 the Spanish Supreme Court relaxed laws even further, stating that abortions for social issues would be allowed on a case-by-case basis.  Finally in 2010 the progressive government, headed by Jose Zapatero and the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party liberalized abortion laws altogether.

In November of last year, the dark progressive days in Spain came to a much-anticipated end when a strongly conservative government swept into power.  Keeping a campaign promise, the government of Mariano Rajoy has begun the legislative process that would reign in Spain’s liberal abortion laws, and the feminists are angry once again.

The government’s announcement last Friday that it would seek these changes – including the reinstating of parental notification laws the progressive government eliminated caused a frenzy of activity from angry feminists.  For 48 hours they used social media to encourage, frighten, beg and threaten the abortion backing citizenry of Madrid to show solidarity with them by staging a staggering protest at Tirso de Molina Square in central Madrid.

They did – 97 of them.  That’s right, 97 angry, screaming, blood-lustful feminists yearning for the halcyon days when they lifted dead babies above their heads showed up. And clearly unaware of one of abortion’s greatest champion’s quote:  “Elections have consequences.”

And they do.  The angry Spanish pro-abortion feminists realized that this week, pray our own become fully aware of that fact in January 2013.