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NARAL to “educate” company whose subsidiary is distributing “October Baby”

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It is evident that those who advocate for abortion are not only thuggish and hypocritical, but also resort to any means necessary to shut down crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and stifle free speech. Not content with the substantial financial support they receive from state and federal sources, they also seek to prevent any funding from reaching CPCs, whether directly or indirectly. This is, of course, presented in the guise of ensuring that women receive “accurate information.” This is from the same group that will go to any length to oppose informed consent legislation.

A considerable amount of material has been produced on October Baby, including an analysis of how a film produced on a limited budget is causing concern within the abortion industry. In light of this, it is pertinent to inquire as to the appropriate course of action for those who espouse a zero-tolerance stance towards any and all factors that might prompt women to consider abortion. Or alternatively, assist them in caring for their infant if they choose to continue the pregnancy. It is, of course, possible to resort to coercion, provided that the pretext of furthering “truth” is invoked.

The title of the piece is “Connecting the Dots on ‘October Baby’ and CPCs,” and it appears on NARAL’s “Blog for Choice.” (It is, of course, ironic that those who advocate for censorship are able to do so under the banner of “choice.”)

The rationale, if one can call it that, is a familiar blend of guilt-by-association paranoia and the thrill of smothering the baby, in this case October Baby, in the media crib. The anticipation evokes a sensation of goose bumps. This represents an ideal scenario for those aligned with NARAL.

Upon accessing the film’s website, one learns that the producers of October Baby have assigned 10% of the profits of the movie to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will distribute funds to frontline organisations that provide assistance to women facing crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies, and those who care for orphans.

This is untenable. In the view of NARAL, these facilities are engaged in a pattern of deceit and misrepresentation when providing abortion care to women. It is irrelevant that this accusation is as deceptive, dishonest, and disingenuous as the illogical and tiresome “war on women.”

However, this raises the question of what the significance of this is. The following is a summary of the relevant facts:

“Whether someone wants to make a film with a political slant is not the issue. The point is that American moviegoers have a right to know if their ticket dollars are funding organisations that mislead women.

“That’s why we’re demanding a meeting with Doug Morris, the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment. (Provident Films, the distributor of ‘October Baby’, is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment).

“We want to educate Mr Morris’ company about the danger CPCs pose to women’s health.

It is anticipated that October Baby will be released in hundreds of additional cinemas in the near future. The impact of the film will be further enhanced. Furthermore, a greater proportion of the revenue will be allocated to CPCs.

Should one be able to educate Sony Music Entertainment to the potential dangers of October Baby, it would be possible to achieve two objectives simultaneously.

To what extent can these characters be considered to have sunk to the lowest possible level? In light of the identity of the subject under discussion, the question itself provides the answer.

It is recommended that you and your acquaintances view October Baby.


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