Abortionist Soli Endanger Patients and Ignore Rules, Department of Health Inspection Reveals

By Dave Andrusko

Soli Abortion Clinic

Kudos to the Associated Press for making a public records inquiry which revealed that yet another Pennsylvania abortionist with a record of serious violations had retired last year after a withering report issued by the state Department of Health (DOH).

In light of the massive publicity that surrounded the February 18, 2010, raid on abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s clinic, the DOH resumed inspecting abortion clinics, something the DOH had chosen not to do regularly since the 1990s. Detectives and FBI agents  were investigating possible illegal drug sales.

Last fall  the DOH inspected two clinics run by abortionist Soleiman Soli, one in Bensalem and one in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Here’s how the Philadelphia Inquirer summarized what was found and how it relates to Gosnell:

“Pennsylvania’s failure to oversee abortion clinics, which allowed a West Philadelphia facility to operate for decades with grave deficiencies, also enabled two other Philadelphia-area clinics to endanger patients and ignore rules, a Health Department report shows.” Until last fall, Soli’s abortion clinics had NEVER been inspected.

On Thursday we wrote about what was found, based on a story which the Associated Press (AP) ran yesterday.

The DOH reports “show the same egregious errors in care and maintenance at both locations,” according to the Inquirer’s Marie McCullough and Chelsea Conaboy. In a nutshell, his clinics reportedly had no recovery rooms, no transfer agreements with a hospital (in case there was a “problem”), and  there was a “lack of resuscitation equipment and no documentation of patients’ vital signs, such as blood pressure, before or after care.” That’s for starters.

Inspectors also found medications which expiration dates going back to the 1970s, “improper handling of fetal remains” (containers were found inside exam-room cabinets) and, McCullough and Conaboy write, “Medications and syringes – uncovered and uncapped – were kept directly on the floor under a cabinet in the exam room to hide them from potential burglars, clinic staff told inspectors.”

Told to stop performing abortions and take corrective action, the 83-year-old Soli instead closed the clinics two days later and retired November 19.

Although never disciplined by  the state Board of Medicine, Soli has been sued for malpractice at least six times since 1981, the Inquirer reported. He also settled one malpractice suit for $35 million that “involved a baby who was born brain-damaged after he was deprived of oxygen during his mother’s 13-hour labor, according to news reports from the time,” according to the Inquirer.

McCullough’s and Conaboy’s story ends with this remarkable paragraph:

“On a recorded message on one of Soli’s phone lines, a woman left a farewell to his patients: ‘The doctor has decided to spend more time with his family. He would like to thank everyone who has come to the office. It has been a joy and a wonderful experience for him.’”

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