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Planned Parenthood Cartoon Draws Unborn Baby as a Dot

By Katie Yoder Planned Parenthood finally decided to “explain” abortion – by creating an animation of an unborn baby as a white glob. While the liberal media praised the “education” lesson, Planned Parenthood couldn’t be further from the truth. As

The [fetal] model answer to ending abortion

SPUC has sold thousands of these sets since they were developed in 1990.

By Alithea Williams Editor’s note. This comes from our friends at SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Growing up in a pro-life home, I was always very aware of the facts of life in the womb. In fact,

Rhode Island Right to Life Action Alert: Your pro-life presence is urgently needed next Wednesday at the State House

We anticipate that hearings will be held before the House Judiciary Committee in Room 101 of the Rhode Island State House as early as next Wednesday afternoon, March 29. The agenda will include a number of abortion-related bills (we will

Intuition and maternal love as an argument against abortion

George W. Bush quote on mothers and children

By Paul Stark Countless pregnant women love (or grow to love) their unborn children. But we do not generally use this fact in any argument against abortion. (Abortion is wrong because it unjustly takes the life of an innocent human

Australian Northern Territory decriminalises abortion

The abortion drug mifepristone, or RU486, will now be available in the Northern Territory. Editor’s note. This comes from SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. On Tuesday the Parliament of Australia’s Northern Territory [NT] voted to decriminalise abortion

I thought of my child as a “bunch of cells”

The one person who can't fight back.

By Sarah Terzo One woman who had an abortion knew that she was pregnant with a child, but tried to convince herself it was just a bunch of cells: “My whole world fell in around me as I tried to

Carafem brings its “no apologies/chic” abortion clinic to Atlanta

By Dave Andrusko Two years ago, when we last we wrote about Carafem, it had garnered what any start up enterprise most wants–publicity–and loads of it. Its owners had located just outside Washington, DC and promised (as the Washington Post

The Real Lesson of “Juno”

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This ran several years ago. I am re-running this today because the undeniable pro-life message of “Juno” is a source of constant annoyance to its pro-abortion participants and because Newsbusters’ Katie Yoder tells us, “On

Ellen Page, Jennifer Garner Use Pro-Life Film to Benefit Abortion Giant

By Katie Yoder Hollywood is using a film with pro-life themes to fund abortion giant Planned Parenthood. On April 8, the makers of Juno are hosting a live read of the movie’s script as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. The Los

Fetal tissue from abortions is (still) not needed for research or medical treatments

By Maria Feeney, Tara Sander Lee and Kathleen M. Schmainda Two bills have recently been introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature to provide a path forward for biomedical research that honors the dignity of the human beings that it is meant

Pro-abortionist turns reality into myths and myths into reality

By Dave Andrusko You would think pro-abortionists would at least concede that, like a broken clock, pro-lifers would be correct at least twice a day. But you would be wrong. We are wrong, wrong, and wrong again. A recent example–like

British Medical Association medical ethics expert: sex-selective abortion in interests of mother AND baby

Prof. Savage said that sex-selective abortion is "another myth propagated by the anti-abortion lobby." [Image: Eyevine]

Editor’s note. This comes from SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. An influential member of the British Medical Association’s medical ethics committee has said that women should be able to have abortions at any stage of pregnancy, and