In The Advocate, Director of Education for Louisiana Right to Life counters erroneous narrative that women can’t have successful careers without abortion

By Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director, Louisiana Right to Life

In an article penned by our Director of Education Alex Seghers, The Advocate/Times-Picayune finally gave voice to pro-life perspectives. As a counter to an op-ed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Julia Lothrop, Alex addresses some of the fundamental problems with the erroneous narrative that women can’t have successful careers without abortion.

Alex writes, “As a working mother of three littles, I found the message of pitting babies against their mothers from Julia Lothrop disgusting. Is she implying that you cannot be both a mother and a surgeon or an astronaut? Saying that the killing of an innocent unborn child helps an otherwise oppressed woman to have a career illustrates how abortion is handing down oppression to the next vulnerable human being.”

Then, in another article quoting me, The Advocate highlighted our work to help low-income families. Reporter Mark Ballard writes,

“Benjamin Clapper, the executive director of Louisiana Right to Life, the New Orleans-based advocacy group that helped get nearly all abortions banned in Louisiana, said his group is not solely about stopping abortions. The child tax credit is one of the more important legs of an effort to assist children and their families. He points out that expansion of the tax credit for working families helps parents raise and care for healthy children regardless of socioeconomic status.”

Pro-abortion individuals often use the opinion pages of newspapers to confuse our citizens. We need more Louisianians like you to present the pro-life perspective in newspapers across the state! If you are interested in submitting a letter or op-ed and needs some assistance, reach out to our Communications Director, Sarah Zagorski [].

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