Couple Adopts “Safe Haven” Baby Rescued at Fire Station

By Kim Schwartz, Texas Right to Life

Wrapped in a blanket with a heartfelt note, baby Samuel Tyler made headlines when firefighters discovered the newborn safely tucked in a box on the station’s doorstep. His birth mother safely surrendered her two-day-old child to firefighters under Kentucky’s Safe Infants Act.

Now, Samuel has been adopted by his forever family!

Samuel weighed only three pounds when firefighters found him. The state’s Safe Infants Act provides designated safe places for parents to leave babies under 30 days old with no penalties.

Chris and Brittany Tyler were captivated by Samuel’s story. The couple already fostered 15 children and adopted two sons, 5 and 7. Chris and Brittany figured Samuel might end up in a foster home and prayed that he would be placed in their home. A few days later, they received a call that changed their lives.

“We got the phone call and it was one of those ‘Is it it? Is it it?’” Chris said. “They told us about him and it took no thought. ‘Yes, we’ll absolutely take him.’”

Samuel became the Tylers’ 16th foster child, and the parents quickly knew they wanted him to be part of their family forever.

After 581 days in foster care, Samuel was officially adopted.

The family celebrated with a trip to Build-A-Bear, where Samuel, now two years old, created a firefighter bear.

“He’s been part of our family from day one,” Chris Tyler told “Good Morning America.

While the Tylers may never meet Samuel’s birth mother, they want her to know how much they love her for her selfless act.

“He was with us in one home the entire time. He didn’t bounce around in the system. It just took a while to get the paperwork done,” Brittany Tyler said.

Safe Haven Laws have saved over 4,500 infant lives nationwide over the past two decades, providing a crucial avenue for parents who may find themselves in difficult situations and in need of a safe and anonymous option to ensure their child’s well-being.

We thank God for delivering Samuel to his forever family and pray for His grace to pour out upon this special child!