Carpetbaggers peddling abortion are coming

Help us stop them.

By Nevada Right to Life

Planned Parenthood is working to amend the Nevada Constitution through a ballot question in 2024. They are flying in out of staters and paying them big money to deceive Nevadans. You will see these carpet-baggers at the grocery store, post office, and DMV. They will lie about what the “Reproductive Freedom Act” will do. If they are able to dupe 103,000 Nevadans, they will put an extreme abortion amendment in our constitution. A plain reading of the language shows:

  • It will eliminate all current laws protecting women and protecting the preborn. RADICAL
  • Abortion through all nine months of pregnancy long after a baby can feel pain, hear her mother’s voice, has fingerprints, and with a little medical intervention can survive. EXTREME
  • Nevada’s requirement for a LICENSED DOCTOR will be replaced with a “health care practitioner” leaving courts to decide who that may be. DANGEROUS FOR WOMEN
  • Teens and preteens not required to have parents involved. DANGEROUS FOR CHILDREN
  • Fetal viability is defined by the abortionist making money off the death of a child. BARBARIC
  • It will be a protected right. No legislature can ever change it.

Nevada already guarantees abortion through six months and that can’t be changed by the legislature. No woman or child can be denied an abortion or punished for an abortion in Nevada. Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy treatment is not abortion in Nevada (or any other state).

With your help we can educate Nevadans to recognize the lies and the cheap, craven political stunts they will use.

Join us in the upcoming days at one of our training sessions, “Fighting the Abortion Amendment.” Events in Reno, Carson City, and Las Vegas. RSVP for the location you wish to join. Experts, Dena Espenscheid and Jerry Sharp of the Leadership Institute will share what works and what doesn’t as we all strive to protect our girls