Annual Knights of Columbus poll has much good news for pro-lifers

By Dave Andrusko

For the better part of a decade, just prior to the March for Life, the Knights of Columbia have released their annual poll on abortion. This year’s, released this afternoon, is headlined “A Consistent Consensus of Americans Continue to Support Legal Limits on Abortion Poll Also Shows Overwhelming Support for Pregnancy Resource Centers.”

Each year I look forward to reading the results, which are taken for the K o f C by the Marist Poll, because the survey asks questions either nobody else inquires about or dismisses their significance.

The lead of their press release is

The 2024 Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll results, released today, reveal that 66% of Americans support placing legal limits on abortion, and that nearly 6 in 10 support limiting abortions to the first three months of pregnancy.”

The survey also found

that 83% of Americans support pregnancy resource centers, which offer support to mothers both during their pregnancy and after their baby is born.

Additionally, the poll found that two-thirds of Americans believe healthcare professionals with religious objections to abortions should not be legally required to perform them, while 86% of respondents believe that laws can protect both the mother and her unborn child.

Let’s dig deep into the survey of 1,371 adults taken between January 8 and 9 of this year and see what a close look reveals.

*“Do you strongly support, support, oppose, or strongly oppose using tax dollars to pay for abortion?” 53% said they were strongly opposed/opposed while 46% of the respondents said they were strongly in support/support.

*“How about “using tax dollars to support abortion services in other countries?” Two-thirds [67%] were either strongly opposed or opposed sending their money overseas to kill babies. They then were asked…

* “Do you think doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals who have religious objections to abortion but practice where abortion is legal, should or should not be legally required to perform abortions?” Two-thirds [66%] say medical personnel should not be legally required to participate in this grisly business.

This is important because the pro-abortion Biden administration, armed to the teeth with federal power, is constantly, consistently, and continually attempting to run roughshod over the religious objections of those who want no part of abortion. Which brings us to chemical abortions…

* “Do you think for someone to receive these prescription medications: An in-person visit with a healthcare professional should be required or an in-person visit with a healthcare professional should not be required?” Sixty-one percent say an in-person visit should be required.

Why is this important? The Biden administration is moving heaven and earth to insure that mifepristone—the abortion pill—be send through the mail—in other words without an in-person visit. This is flat-out dangerous to women.

This is coming to a head.

On December 13, the justices of the Supreme Court agreed to hear the pro-abortion Biden Administration defend the new REMS [Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies] put in place last January. These changes remove the required in-person visit to pick up the pills, thus authorizing mail order, but still keep certain provider certification qualifications and impose a certain set of requirements for pharmacy certification.  

The survey participants were then asked….

* “Do you strongly support, support, oppose, or strongly oppose abortion because the child will be born with Down Syndrome?” Almost 60% said they strongly opposed or opposed to these eugenic abortions. Three more…

* “Do you strongly support, support, oppose, or strongly oppose abortion because of the child’s gender or sex?” A whopping 86% oppose sex-selection abortions!!

* “Do you strongly support, support, oppose, or strongly oppose pregnancy resource centers which are places that do not perform abortions but instead offer support to people during their pregnancy and after the baby is born?” 83% support these life-affirming centers.

* “Regardless of your position on abortion, if there were laws which limit when abortion is allowed, do you think these limits: Should allow exceptions for rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother at any time during pregnancy or should not allow for any exceptions?” 84% say these exceptions should be allowed.

A nuanced, carefully constructed survey. You can read in its entirety here and here.