Cuba Legalizes Euthanasia

By Wesley J. Smith

We have seen how bad euthanasia can get when a (continually less) free country like Canada legalizes medicalized killing. But now a tyranny — Cuba — has joined the Let Doctors Kill Sick Patients Club. From the Reuters story:

Cuba on Friday became the second country in Latin America and the Caribbean to authorize euthanasia, following Colombia.

The Communist-run country’s National Assembly passed the measure as part of legislation updating the nation’s legal framework for its universal and free healthcare system. “The right of people to a dignified death is recognized in end-of-life decisions, which may include the limitation of therapeutic effort, continuous or palliative care, and valid procedures that end life,” the final draft of the legislation stated.

People have little freedom in Cuba but will now have “the right to die?” Talk about misplaced priorities.

Swell. Cuba is a very poor country with people having access to general practitioners, but the country is plagued by medicine shortages and run down facilities. Indeed, according to the Miami Herald, poor access to medical care is one reason Cubans immigrate or flee the country.

Poor quality care and socialized medicine are a toxic combination, perhaps even leading to people being driven to euthanasia or lethal jabs becoming a substitute for care, both of which appear to be happening in Canada.

Then, there is the possibility of euthanasia being used as a cover for political murders in a ruthless tyranny. Hey, what happened to that political dissident? Oh, he asked for “death with dignity.” Aww, compassion!

Editor’s note. This appears at National Review Online and reposted with the author’s permission.