CBS News Acknowledges Humanity of Unborn Child Killed In TX Missing Teen Case

By Jorge Bonilla

Very rarely does the pro-abortion media recognize the inherent value, dignity, and humanity of an unborn human being. This is exactly what CBS News in its report of the horrendous murder of the missing pregnant teenager, her boyfriend, and her unborn son in Texas.

Here is the full report in its entirety, as aired on CBS Evening News on Wednesday, December 27th, 2023:

JERICKA DUNCAN: Tonight, we’re learning disturbing new details about the mysterious deaths of a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend. The bodies of 18 year old Savannah Soto and the father of her child were found in a car yesterday afternoon with gunshot wounds. CBS’s Christian Benavidez spoke to her mother about the horrifying scene.

GLORIA CORDOVA: I don’t want to believe it. She’s gone. It hurts too much. She was my only daughter. 

CHRISTIAN BENAVIDES: 18-year-old Savannah Soto was nine months pregnant. She and her boyfriend, 22-year-old Matthew Guerra, were reported missing on Saturday after they didn’t show up for an appointment to induce labor.

CORDOVA: Because she was shot. And all that was going through my mind was the baby. Is the baby still alive? What was she thinking? Was she crying out for me? 

BENAVIDES: Soto’s family says the couple was found late yesterday inside a locked car in a parking lot about three miles from where they lived. Police said the bodies had been there for three or four days. Soto’s brother told CBS News the family was tipped off to the location of the car. And he arrived to the scene at the same time as the police. He told us Savannah Soto was in the front seat with a baby carrier and Guerra was in the backseat. He said both were shot behind the right ear. Police say they are looking for a suspect. They are investigating it as a murder but have not released the motive.

CHIEF BILL MCMANUS, SAPD: What we’re looking at right now is a very, very perplexing crime scene, and detectives right now are looking at this as a possible murder. And- but we don’t know for sure.

BENAVIDES: Soto’s family is looking for answers. Her mother wonders if the tumultuous relationship between her daughter and her boyfriend was a factor.

CORDOVA: As far as what happened to her, I think it has something to do with him. And things that he was doing. Not my daughter. 

BENAVIDES: We’ve reached out to Guerra’s family and have not heard back. There is a vigil scheduled to take place here at this park near the family home tomorrow in honor of Savannah Soto and her unborn child, who she planned to name Fabian. Jericka.

DUNCAN: Christian. Thank you.

On the one hand, the report was very matter-of-fact. A gruesome execution-style homicide, motives as of yet unclear, but foul play is suspected. 

On the other hand, the report is a sad chronicle of the life and potential lost on that day. The expectant teen mother, full of life and ready to receive her bundle of joy. The grieving mother (a staple of Spanish-language TV when it comes to how these types of stories are reported), hurting for her daughter while at the same time advocating for her and clearing her name. And, of course, the baby.

The baby is the heart and center of this story. He was loved, he was anticipated, his grandmother expressed concern for him, and in the coming days we will learn more about the motives behind this gruesome crime.

There are a million other ways that this story could’ve been reported without spotlighting the unborn child. To his credit, Christian Benavides refused them all. In so doing, he showed the inherent dignity, value, and humanity of this unborn child.

His name was Fabian.  

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.