True extremism: the goal of Virginia Democrats and their allies in the abortion industry!

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life

Across Virginia, abortion promoters and businesses, along with candidates in the 2023 elections, are beating the drum of fearmongering and lies about pro-life candidates. This past week, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business, and other abortion promoters have hit the airwaves and online with ads designed to create anxiety among female voters. The ads deliberately mislead the public about what pro-life Republicans are hoping to accomplish on this critical issue if they gain control of both chambers of the General Assembly on November 7.

These ads are an example of how desperate pro-abortion candidates are and how easy it is for them to lie to the voters of Virginia. It also proves how out-of-step they are with what Virginians are worried about right now. Go to some Democrat candidates’ websites and you’d think that the only thing they have to offer voters is their unrelenting commitment to make abortion legal for any reason throughout pregnancy up to birth, and you’d be right! That’s true extremism and it is the goal of Democrats and their allies in the abortion industry!

The problem with these ads is that nobody running as a pro-lifer is calling for a ban on abortion in Virginia. Instead, they are backing the Governor’s bill to prevent abortions after unborn babies can feel pain at 15 weeks.

They are seeking to pass other rational bills that will provide great assistance and information to women before they get an abortion, information that can help them make better life-affirming decisions for themselves and their babies. Pro-life candidates also want to pass a law that provides medical care to babies who survive a late-term abortions. 

Contrary to pro-abortion claims, nobody wants to criminalize women who seek an abortion and there is no desire to obstruct legitimate women’s health care that may save her life. The pro-abortion organizations backing pro-abortion candidates will clearly say anything to create hysteria – because telling the truth doesn’t push their radical agenda forward!

The voters of Virginia need to reject this nonsense. Yes, abortion is a sensitive issue. It does change lives and must not be treated as a political game. The women of Virginia deserve more respect than abortion promoters clearly have for them. 

What pro-abortion groups are really worried about is losing money and no longer getting legal cover for their shady abortion businesses from their friends in the General Assembly.

Don’t be fooled by pro-abortion manipulation and lies.