September NRL News in your in-boxes!

By Dave Andrusko

Good news. Early this morning we published the September issue of National Right to Life News. It’s 40 pages long and jam-packed with information you can put to use or just enjoy a great read. As always, I’ll give you a brief synopsis today and a fuller, more complete run down later this week.

August and September are the two months that most state have their county and State Fairs. I remember that one of the volunteer tasks I had before I came to NRLC was volunteering at the Minnesota State Fair. A great pleasure.

Jacki Ragan, who heads NRLC’s State Organizational Development Department, composed my favorite story in the September edition:

“LIFE at the County Fairs!” appears on page one. She writes, “The reason the National Right to Life Committee is talking about county fairs (and state fairs, too!), is that it is a perfect place to education those attendees about what WE do, how we help, and that unborn babies are alive and growing in their mother’s wombs.”

Jacki is joined on page one by Dr. David N. O’Steen, who put together a very thoughtful piece, “Takeaway From Republican Presidential Debate: What the Candidates Don’t Know About How to Discuss Abortion.”

Carol Tobias, NRL President, reminds us of the significance of  “Focusing on What’s Important.” As we start to gear up for 2024, Carol reminds of what pro-lifers should be most concerned about.

NRL Director of Education & Research Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon wrote a thorough analysis of the current status of the abortion pill: “New NRLC Special Report Shows Critical Elements Media Missed in Fifth Circuit Opinion Case against FDA exposed mifepristone dangers, flawed drug approval process.”

A must read.

Karen Cross, our Political Action director, has composed another gem: “How to (Unintentionally) Defeat Pro-Life Candidates.” There are different ways we can unintentional be a hindrance, rather than a help, and Karen alerts us to the major pitfalls.

There are many stories that remind us of the human cost of an abortion, beyond the baby who loses her life. Politics are always on our minds and there are number of  excellent stories in this issue. Accounts of about how pregnancy help centers save life is required in every issue of NRL News.

Fetal development is not just knowledge about how a baby grows, important as that is. It is watching a youngster at a county fair as she looks, absolutely transfixed, at the fetal models.

We’ll be back later this week with more about the September issue of NRL News.

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