Hospital staff describe brutal scene after teenager gave birth in bathroom, tossed baby in garbage

Remarks made by nurses and cleaning staff describe the heartbreaking and horrific scenes they witnessed in a restroom of Artesia General Hospital where the baby boy was born and died.

By Ashley Sadler

ARTESIA, New Mexico — Months after a teen mom threw her newborn baby in the trash after giving birth in a hospital bathroom, hospital staff members recounted the horrific scenes they witnessed upon discovering the deceased infant. The young mother has been charged with first degree murder for killing her newborn in New Mexico, which does not restrict abortion at any stage of pregnancy. 

Alexee Trevizo, 19, was charged with first degree murder and tampering with evidence in May after employees of Artesia General Hospital in New Mexico discovered the teen mom’s dead newborn baby in a bathroom trash can in January. ‘

Trevizo reportedly locked herself in a bathroom and gave birth to the baby after having previously checked into the hospital for back pain, failing to tell staff that she was pregnant. After delivering the baby in the restroom, she allegedly severed the umbilical cord, put the baby in the trash can, and attempted to clean up the blood.

Reports from hospital staff suggest that Trevizo had lied about her status during her hospital stay, telling employees that she had never even had sexual relations. However, the 19 year old admitted to throwing the baby in the trash, saying that she was frightened and “didn’t know what to do” and that the little boy “was not crying or nothing.”

Remarks made by nurses and cleaning staff in recorded interviews obtained by The New York Post describe the heartbreaking and horrific scenes they witnessed in the restroom where the baby was born and died.

A hospital cleaner identified only as “Dia” in the Post’s reporting told investigators that she had been called to clean the bathroom after nurses said they thought Trevizo had undergone a miscarriage. In an April 25 interview, the cleaner described the state of the restroom as a “gory, bloody, massacre mess,” adding “[t]here was blood everywhere,” including “on the floor, wall.”

“After I picked up the trash bag at the top to change it, that’s when I seen the baby,” she said, adding the boy had been wrapped in a clear plastic bag and was of a “purple-ish” color.

“It was a clear bag,” a nursing assistant identified as Lori told investigators. Lori reportedly arrived to help after Dia called for assistance. “All I saw was black and purple but when we picked it up, that’s when it suctioned to his face.”

“I noticed the umbilical cord looked like an animal had torn it apart,” she added, describing her impression that the teen had “really ripped this thing apart” since umbilical cords “are hard to cut.”

“This blood was fresh, you could even smell it,” she told investigators. “I’ve dealt with death before but never like this. It was horrible.”

Chris, a triage nurse, said he also “saw the baby in the trash can.” 

 “[The baby] was just laying at the base of the trash can under the liner,” he said. “It did not look alive.”

According to the Post, surveillance footage from just moments before the discovery of the deceased baby show Trevizo “running to the bathroom clutching her buttocks before locking herself inside.”

“Nurses recalled hearing repeated flushing and use of the paper towel dispenser before they eventually ordered her to come out,” the outlet reported.

The teen’s baby was reportedly taken to a trauma room after being retrieved from the trash but was pronounced dead. An autopsy conducted by the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator found the newborn boy was the victim of homicide.

The 19 year old mother was arrested and faces charges of first degree murder and tampering with evidence, though she has been released from jail and allowed to complete the school year while awaiting trial. She has not been fitted with an ankle monitor or placed under house arrest. Her attorney, Gary Mitchell, has emphasized his client’s lack of criminal record, highlighting what he has called “major discrepancies about what happened” and arguing that the incident “isn’t a classic child abuse case.”

Meanwhile, though Trevizo faces murder charges for killing her newborn infant, New Mexico law is extremely welcoming of the murder of babies while inside the womb.

Abortion is currently legal in the state with no gestational limitsmandatory waiting periods, or requirements for parental notification.

In April, New Mexico’s far-left Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reinforced the state’s radical pro-abortion stance by signing a law codifying legal protections to kill babies in the womb. The measure enshrines a previous executive action by Gov. Lujan Grisham to establish New Mexico as a sanctuary for abortion in opposition to laws recently passed in pro-life states.

And Trevizo isn’t the first New Mexico teen in the past several years to face charges related to the disposal of a newborn infant, The New York Post noted. Alexis Avila, 19, was sentenced to 16 years in prison after she tossed her baby in a dumpster in January 2022. 

Avila’s baby had been discovered by three people searching through the garbage. Police transported the newborn boy to the hospital where he was reportedly listed in stable condition.

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