Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo Vetoes Assisted Suicide

By Wesley J. Smith

Editor’s note. Wesley J. Smith and Alex Schadenberg are teaming up to address the American and Canadian experience with euthanasia and assisted suicide at the 2023 National Right to Life Convention. For more information, go to

The Nevada legislature narrowly passed assisted-suicide legalization, but Governor Joe Lombardo has vetoed the bill. From the Las Vegas Review Journal story:

“End of life decisions are never easy,” Lombardo wrote in his veto message. “Individuals and family members must often come together to face many challenges — including deciding what is the best course of treatment for a loved one.”

Lombardo said the provisions in the bill “unnecessary” due to expansions and improvements in palliative care services, or care for people living with serious illnesses, and pain management.

Good for Lombardo! But assisted suicide isn’t only unnecessary, it is profoundly dangerous. Once we decide to eliminate suffering by eliminating the sufferer, we open a Pandora’s box of continual killing expansion — as in Canada — to death on demand — as in Germany.

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