There is something inherently beautiful about babies that just melts a person’s heart

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

I recently acquired a photo that has brought me a great deal of joy which I am eager to share with other people.

The picture is a close-up of a delightful young baby boy, grinning from ear to ear. I have saved the photo on my phone and I readily show it to the state legislators with whom I come into contact. I want them to remember the little people they are fighting for.

I have yet to find a lawmaker who does not brighten after seeing the snapshot. There is something inherently beautiful about babies that just melts a person’s heart. Their love of life is contagious and reminds us of the sweetest aspects of our existence on planet Earth.

Behind this particular baby is a courageous young woman who struggled mightily to bring him into the world. But she is rewarded every time she sees that child’s precious smile.

The journey of pregnancy and childbirth may be filled with obstacles. Many temptations may emerge to give up and lose heart. But at the end of the road is an irreplaceable child who can bring rainbows after the storms of life.

I am convinced that if every pregnant woman could see a snapshot of her baby 13 months hence, she would choose life for her child. All too often, a woman’s vision may become clouded by the problems within her life. Once a caring, compassionate person comes along who can show her a path through the fog, she can become empowered to fight for the life of her baby.

It is incumbent upon all of us to be a beacon of love and life. Through our sunny example, we can help bring clarity and comfort to a pregnant woman facing challenging circumstances.

Motherhood is a sacred gift that needs to be honored and protected, even in—perhaps especially in—the most trying times. May we all redouble our efforts to show pregnant mothers the respect they so richly deserve.