Naomi Wolf takes fellow pro-choicers to task for trying to discredit pro-life pictures

By Sarah Terzo

Naomi Wolf
Photo: Sunset Parkerpix

Pro-choice groups and individuals often try to discredit the pictures that pro-lifers show of mutilated children who were aborted. Naomi Wolf, a pro-choice feminist, admits that the pictures are real and takes other feminists to task for trying to discredit them:

“To many pro-choice advocates, the imagery is revolting propaganda. There is a sense among us, let us be frank, that the gruesomeness of the imagery belongs to the pro-lifers… that it represents the violence of imaginations that would, given half a chance, turn our world into a scary, repressive place.

 “People like us” see such material as the pornography of the pro-life movement. But feminism at its best is based on what is simply true…. While images of violent fetal death work magnificently for pro-lifers as political polemic, the pictures are not polemical in themselves: they are biological facts. We know this.”

Naomi Wolf, “Our Bodies, Our Souls,” The New Republic, October 16, 1995.

She is referring to pictures which show part of the remains a seven-week-old aborted child. These pictures are difficult to look at, but have won many people over to the pro-life movement. And even pro-choice activists who have seen and dismissed them cannot deny their effectiveness.

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