Chuck Todd Lashes Out at ‘Political Activist’ Abortion Pill Ruling

By Kevin Tober

On Easter Sunday, NBC’s Chuck Todd used the opening segment of his show Meet the Press to lash out at political activists for apparently causing a Texas court to order the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to halt the approval of the abortion pill mifepristone. Todd was clearly upset at the ruling and claimed there was no reason for a challenge to the use of the drug since it has been approved since the “end of Bill Clinton’s presidency.” As if that matters. It’s obvious that Todd sees no problem with defending a demonic drug that kills the unborn on a religious holiday. We all know the leftist media is Godless, but Todd made it all too obvious. 

“The national divide was crystallized on Friday night in those dueling abortion rulings,” Todd proclaimed. “Less than an hour apart on specifically the abortion pill over federal judges, these are legal efforts that were pushed by political activists seeking a decision by the Supreme Court.” 

 Todd claimed that “there was no actual medical event, no misuse of this pill to trigger this look at the drug. It was simply political activists.” 

“No actual medical event.” Well, that’s partially true since abortion isn’t medicine, it’s murder. This is why it was rightfully challenged. 

Todd then bemoaned how “this was a drug that was approved at the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency, four presidencies ago.” He seemed to think that evil procedures should be allowed to continue and should not be challenged simply because they’ve been in existence for decades. 

“In Texas, a federal judge invalidated the FDA approval for the abortion pill Mifepristone which in combination with another drug does account for more than 50 percent of all abortions in this country,” Todd fretted. 

“An hour later it was a judge in Washington state that contradicted the decision and he called the drug safe and effective and ordered the FDA to make no changes.”

It should be noted that the drug isn’t safe or effective for the babies that it kills. A successful abortion is deadly 100 percent of the time. 

Todd ended by noting that “obviously the Supreme Court has to weigh in on this one.”

That is the fault of the leftist judge in Washington state who randomly reacted with a contradictory ruling in an attempt to save the left’s abortion blood lust. Now the Supreme Court has to weigh in to solve the dispute between the two lower court rulings. 

Todd is pointing fingers in the wrong direction. 

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.