Teen mum trolled and told to abort her baby is now 18 and living in her own home

By Right to Life UK

A teen mum, who became pregnant at 13, was trolled and told to abort her baby. She is now 18, taking college classes, and is living in her own home.

Maddie Lambert, from Texas, USA, became pregnant when she was only 13 years old when the father of her baby was of a similar age. Among other ventures, Maddie now runs a popular YouTube channel where she has shared her story.

Recently, Maddie went through some viewers’ comments, and while many were supportive, not everyone was so complimentary.

In the video released last year, she said “I honestly at this point of my social media career think hate comments are hilarious. It’s really funny to me to see the negative things people have to say about me because a lot of the time it’s so far-fetched and far from true.”

Maddie took particular exception to one viewer’s remark that her story was “depressing to listen to”, saying:

“It’s not something that people should say is depressing to listen to when the story is literally, okay, I got pregnant at 13, everybody said it was the end of the world but it wasn’t the end of the world for me and I made this ‘horrible, horrible’ situation into something great.

“And I’m now in my first home raising my daughter who’s about to go to preschool. I don’t know how that’s depressing.

“I overcame all the odds and other teen mums can overcome all the odds too, because everyone is pitted against us for some reason.”

A different commenter accused Maddie of “leeching” off her parents, but Maddie made clear that, if anything, it was the other way around. “I’m literally in my own house right now, this is my house”, she said.

Showing the inside of her house to the camera she added “My parents don’t pay for this. I’ve been living on my own since a month or two after I turned 18. I moved out.”

“And before I moved out I made my own money and my parents didn’t have to support me.”

“If anything, I spoiled the heck out of my parents because I was making my own money and I wanted to give back to them. I don’t know why people have this assumption that teen parents leech off of their own parents. I think that’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

“A lot of teen parents get that drive from being a teen parent and realise they have to work harder to be successful because the odds are pitted against them.”

Maddie also revealed earlier this year that she was “starting college classes” in US history, Philosophy, Anatomy and Psychology.

Right To Life UK spokesperson Catherine Robinson said “It’s terrible that some young mothers face stigma and abuse. We should all be thrilled that, despite this discrimination, Maddie decided to continue with her pregnancy and now has a five-year-old daughter because of it.”