New poll continues stretch of bad numbers for President Biden

By Dave Andrusko

Well, if you’re Biden/Harris there is some consolation in the latest Monmouth University Poll: 86% of Democrats approve of President Biden’s job performance while 76% approve of Vice President Harris’s.

The bad news, however, reminds us of why NBC News headlined its story Wednesday as it did: “New Poll finds stagnant Biden job rating, low Harris approval.”

“Biden’s rating had been slowly improving after hitting a low point last June (36% approve and 58% disapprove), but that trajectory seems to have hit a wall,” according to Monmouth’s Bridget Bowman.

Indeed! Only 41% of all Americans approve of Biden’s performance as President and just over third—36%—give Harris the thumbs up.

What about the all-important Independents? “Both the president and vice president get similar ratings from independents (about 3 in 10 approval for both) and Republicans (6% approval for both).”

It is not bias to note that “about 3 in ten approval” is terrible, especially when the amount of support among Democrats waxes and wanes.

Reuters tells us that “Biden, now 80, moves toward an unprecedented run for a second term as the first octogenarian in the Oval Office.”

And The Nation opines

Joe Biden has given every indication that he plans to seek a second term. But alarm bells went off when a February Associated Press poll found that only 37 percent of Democrats wanted him to run again. The president’s numbers were especially weak among young voters—a critical constituency for Democrats

Stay tuned.