March is Women’s History Month; Virginia Society for Human Life Honors Our History Too!

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life

Geline B. Williams

This month we recognize the many wonderful women who make history everyday in the pro-life movement. Whether they are organizing their church, lobbying lawmakers, holding office, teaching their community, running a pregnancy center, challenging their university peers, or raising their children to be the next generation of pro-lifers, there are some amazing women in our movement.

This past week NRLC highlighted Geline B. Williams, the woman, who, along with her husband Alex, saw the threat of the pro-abortion movement on the rise and organized the nation’s first pro-life state group in 1967 to fight back and protect Virginia’s pro-life laws.

Thank you, Geline B. Williams, for founding Virginia Society for Human Life. We are honored to keep your legacy alive in the Commonwealth.

Mrs. Williams is still living in Richmond and delights in all our successes.