Action needed on two dangerous bills in Oregon House

By Justin Hageman, Public Affairs Specialist

Oregon Right to Life

There are two bills in the Oregon House right now that are a serious danger. House Bill 2002, a bill that specifically targets minors for abortion, and HB 2279, which will repeal the residency requirement for the so-called “Death with Dignity” Act.

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Here are the main problems with these bills.

HB 2002

•        Removes any age limit on children receiving abortions.

•        Prohibits any information from being shared with a child’s parents unless the child provides explicit, written permission.

HB 2279

•        Removes the residency requirement, endangering vulnerable people in every corner of the country.

•        Expands Oregon’s euthanasia industry, making it easier for death doctors to kill their patients.

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These bills highlight how abortion and physician-assisted suicide are ultimately the same. Both offer the termination of an innocent human being as the solution to difficult circumstances. Every person deserves compassionate care, not being ushered to their death, because every person is valuable.

Because everyone deserves an advocate.