Empowering Her…and Him!

By Hope in Northern Virginia

She came to the United States four years ago from Honduras, leaving behind her elementary-age sister.  Her father deceased, she needed to make a new life in Virginia.  She will graduate from high school in June.  This is her first pregnancy.

She came to Hope with her boyfriend, intent on aborting their baby, but God intervened.  The Spirit of God gave them a new understanding and clear guidance on the gift of Life that only He could create.  Their hearts and minds were strengthened to wait and come back to Hope for an ultrasound.

A week later on ultrasound day, the baby was very active for the young parents. Still, she asked about abortion.  Then, the moment of empowerment took hold.  The boyfriend was asked what he thought of the scan.  With a smile on his face, he replied, “Happy because I want her to have the baby. I don’t want her to have an abortion.”

Here’s the really awesome part.  The boyfriend’s name is, Jesus.  Jesus was asked if he knew about Jesus Christ the Lord & Savior of the world.  He did not, but now he does, thanks to caring staff. 

The battle wasn’t over yet.  A week later, she decided that she wanted to have an abortion.  This time, she was more determined than ever.  Our prayers continued for her.  She went to the abortion clinic on January 16th. 


She came back to Hope where she and Jesus made plans for a future with their child. Joyful and exuberant, they look forward to the arrival of their gift in July.