“We will not be silenced – we will defend life”

By Mary Beerworth, Executive Director, Vermont Right to Life

Editor’s note. These remarks were delivered Saturday in front of the State House.

We are here today on this the 50th Anniversary of the terrible day the US Supreme Court handed down Roe v Wade. A decision that led to over 64 million abortions in the United States alone. Today, we march and gather on these State House steps to acknowledge that Roe v Wade is now on the ash heap of history.

Along with the Dred Scott decision that legalized slavery, Roe v Wade is gone! This anniversary rally will be our final wintertime rally on these steps as we say “Goodbye to Roe” and aim to gather this spring to celebrate Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health that dealt the crushing blow to Roe and sent abortion back to the state’s to set policy.

The beautiful building behind you has sadly become no more than a tool for Planned Parenthood’s every whim.  The Speaker of the House, a former Planned Parenthood executive, Jill Krowinski, makes Planned Parenthood’s agenda a top priority.  This coming week a bill will pass out of the House Judiciary Committee inviting anyone from any state to come to Vermont for an abortion. Who benefits most? Planned Parenthood.  Sadly, our Governor has given PP the keys to his office as well.

The abortion business thinks we will give up? Will we?  They think we will just go home and stay quiet while they kill innocent unborn babies.

We are here today to tell the truth – abortion stops a beating heart!

And we are here today to say loudly and clearly that WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. Let’s repeat that – WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED

They can win for now but the truth is the truth.  They have marred the Vermont Constitution with the ugly language of Proposal 5/Article 22.

But this little book, our state Constitution still say in the very first line that we have “certain natural, inherent and unalienable rights, amongst which are …..defending life.”

We will not be silenced – we WILL defend life.