Senate Republican leader Oroho Responds to NJ Gov. Murphy’s Extreme $10 Million Plan to Fund Abortion Clinic Upgrades

Senate Republican Leader Steven Oroho criticized the Murphy Administration for spending millions in taxpayer funds to upgrade abortion clinics in New Jersey.

“When the Murphy Administration says this funding will help abortion clinics to ‘deliver care to more patients,’ they really mean it will help to terminate more pregnancies,” said Oroho. “This is just the latest step in Governor Murphy’s extreme plan to use taxpayer dollars to fund more abortions without limits right up until the moment of birth.”

The Governor’s Office announced that more than $6 million of no-interest, forgivable loans was approved for 15 applicants to make facility upgrades in the first round of a $10 million loan program. Another $3.8 million remains available for an upcoming second round of loans.

The Governor previously announced radical plans to make New Jersey a destination for abortion tourism with continued support for no-limits abortions right up until birth.

Oroho warned in May that Murphy’s extreme abortion plans will result in higher taxes and health care premiums for state residents.

That warning proved prescient when Governor Murphy announced a $5 million grant program in December to expand the number of abortion providers in the state, including non-doctors without full medical training.

“We’re watching this radical plan being put into effect by the Murphy administration to ramp up the capacity of abortion clinics on an industrial scale with the support of taxpayer funds,” added Oroho. “Sadly, few Trenton Democrats seem to show the same level of dedication to improving support for pregnant women, mothers, and their babies as they do for growing the number of abortions performed in New Jersey.”