Having prevailed on Proposal 3, pro-abortion Michigan Gov. Whitmer presses to provide “maximum protection for abortion”

By Dave Andrusko

When Proposal 3 passed with 57% of the vote, Michigan right to lifers knew that pro-abortion Gov. Gretchen Whitmer would waste no time “affirming” so-called “reproductive rights” now embedded in the state constitution.

“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive directive Wednesday instructing departments and agencies to review aspects of reproductive rights that are within their jurisdiction, and identify ways they can protect and increase protections for the fundamental right to reproductive healthcare in Michigan,”  Gabrielle Dawson and Katie Sergent wrote. “This ensures that departments and agencies provide the maximum protection possible for the fundamental right to reproductive freedom enshrined in the Michigan constitution, according to a press release Wednesday.”

That’s for starters. Dawson and Sergent explained

Departments and agencies are also expected to identify any laws, regulations, or policies within their jurisdiction that conflict with the constitutional right to reproductive freedom, work with the attorney general to address these conflicts, ensure that their public-facing material is up to date and complies with the recent constitutional amendment, according to state officials.

They are additionally expected to continue to decline to cooperate or assist any authority in any investigation or proceeding against an individual for obtaining, providing, or assisting another to obtain or provide reproductive healthcare.

These actions, of course, came as no surprise to opponents of Proposal 3.

Part of the coalition that was wildly outspent was Right to Life of Michigan [https://rtl.org/prop-3-lies]. They wrote

Hours after the polls closed, Proposal 3 supporters already began telling the media that the amendment was just the beginning.

One of the authors of the amendment, Planned Parenthood Michigan’s Executive Director Nicole Wells Stallworth said, “We’re not slowing down here in Michigan. We look forward to working with state leaders like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to ensure that reproductive freedom is not a right in name only.”

Bridge Michigan interviewed pro-abortion State Rep. Julie Brixie, who said lawmakers expect to “codify” Proposal 3. They would “adjust” or repeal more abortion laws to make them comply with Proposal 3: “There will be additional legislation that will be necessary to carry it all out,” Brixie said.

They already have highlighted two laws they want to repeal: our state’s 24-hour waiting period, and our law protecting people from paying for abortions through health insurance.

They added

They said this Tuesday, hours after swearing to you no other laws than the 1931 abortion ban would be affected.

Michigan voters: they lied to you. They don’t care. They couldn’t hide their glee for a single day. They don’t respect you; their opinion of your intelligence or focus is so low they are counting on you forgetting what they said hours ago.

Undoubtedly the same Michigan media voices who ran interference for Proposal 3 by running “factchecks” saying it won’t affect parental consent or other abortion laws will gaslight you into going along with more. They don’t respect you either; they tell you what you need to think.

Proposal 3 could not win on its own merits. They had to lie to win. Proposal 3 authors figured that out quickly and gaslit voters about how they never said it would end parental consent or allow non-doctors to do abortions. Dozens of laws that are now at risk have been on the books for decades. They are popular and supported by common sense people. They haven’t caused any dire scenarios or women to die. These liars are coming for them all—the only question is how quickly.

Of course, pro-lifers will not—could not—stop fighting on behalf of unborn babies. Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing concluded her statement with this assurance.

While our hearts are saddened, our resolve to courageously, peacefully advocate for the dignity of human life is not weakened. History is on the side of those who stand to defend the vulnerable, even when it is not easy. May we never accept the lie that standing up for the dignity of human life is somehow extreme, a political liability, or not worth the cost.

In the days ahead, RLM will redouble our efforts to work across Michigan communities to protect the dignity of all human life.