Christmas edition of NRL News now in your in-box

By Dave Andrusko

The 45-page December issue of NRL News is now in your in-box.

We will be writing about its contents over the next week.

Today we’ll cover just a few highlight as we share NRL President Carol Tobias monthly column elsewhere in this issue.

Director of Federal Legislation Jennifer Popik, JD, begins with a terrific overview of the 117th Congress and a look ahead at the 118th Congress. She explains why capturing the House of Representatives is so key to hedging in the Biden Administration’s mad race to expand (and export) abortion.

Also on page one is Political Director Karen Cross’s encouraging column reminding us of how important our individual contributions are to the political process. A must read.

On page six, we repost Ohio Right to Life’s “pledge to vigorously oppose efforts to introduce a ballot initiative to enshrine abortion into state constitution be an extreme abortion measure proposed in 2023.” 

“Make no mistake, this will be an extreme abortion measure proposed in 2023,” said Peter Range, CEO of Ohio Right to Life. “The group proposing this measure will talk about health care, but all they care about will be abortion on demand which ends the life of an innocent human child.”

On page nine, Alex Schadenberg’s explains “What assisted suicide has done to Canada.” It truly is astonishing how rapidly this has spread.

As Leslie Wolfgang writes, “In 2021, assisted suicide through Canada’s Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) regime killed more people than chronic liver disease/cirrhosis (4,173) and Alzheimer’s disease (5,743) in 2020 combined. In all, a shocking 10,064 people died by assisted suicide in 2021 in Canada.”

This is just a taste of the rich contents of the December issue of NRL News. We’ll have more on Monday. Meanwhile, happy reading and a Merry Christmas!