A quick look at a superb October issue of NRL News

By Dave Andrusko

The October issue of National Right to Life News has been sent out to our readers. It is the penultimate issue before the November 8 midterms, the first election since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Needless to say, many observers will be watching closely. We wrote a lot about the election. Also, if you are not receiving NRL News Today—which we publish Monday through Saturday —you can sign up here in 30 seconds.

Karen Cross, our Political Director, starts the edition out with “Democrat Senate Candidates Pledge Support for Unlimited Abortion For Any Reason Until Birth.” It’s amazing how Democrats insist they aren’t abortion absolutists and then turn around and vote for the phony “Women’s Health Protection Act” which would obliterate virtually all protections, including those already approved by the Supreme Court.

In her president’s column on page three, Carol Tobias asks. “Which way America? It is imperative to vote to set our nation on the path of greater inclusiveness.” She asks, “I truly believe that a country’s attitude toward human life is critical. It colors how the country will handle so many other issues. After all, if we can’t respect and protect innocent human life, why would we care about other issues?”

On pages six and seven, Maria V. Gallagher writes that “Pennsylvania, once again, will be critical in midterm elections” while Paul Stark poses “Three questions about abortion to ask before you vote.”

There are many more political stories, but that just begins an exploration of the October issues. There are numerous articles about pro-abortion President Joe Biden and Planned Parenthood; a “Surge of support from Hispanics for Republican Party”; the battle in Vermont to stop a proposed constitutional amendment that would enshrine abortion on demand; and several additional articles by Maria Gallagher that will greatly move you.

On Thursday, we’ll continue to explore the October edition of National Right to Life News. In the meanwhile, please do read it.