Mom’s water breaks at 19 weeks but trusting in God she rejects abortion; son now a healthy 3-year-old

By Dave Andrusko

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Timothy Ramjohn

In early 2019, Tatyana Ramjohn’s water broke at 19 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors warned her that life was at risk if she continued the pregnancy and that her unborn son would in all likelihood not survive or if he did would have a greater chance of being born with disabilities.

Tatyana Ramjohn was devastated, according to Christel Berns.  Her husband, Timothy, told Berns

“We were handed a list of abortion clinics,” the husband recalled. “Because at 19 weeks the chance of survival is 0% if she went into labor. In addition, an infection or hemorrhage can put her life at risk.”

“All we had was faith,” he added.

But they did not abandon their unborn child

Tatyana and her husband, Timothy, decided to keep their child and confronted the risks. The couple trusted God with the results. So, the pregnant wife was on bed rest during the entire time of her childbearing.

Eight weeks after her water broke, her son, Easton, was born on April 15, 2019. His parents said even the doctors described him as a “miracle.”

Even with complete bedrest, Easton was born prematurely at 27 weeks. He weighed “about 2 pounds, and spent four months in the neo-natal intensive care unit,” Berns reported.

“We have a long road ahead, but we are more than confident that God will see us all the way through. What a gift!!!!!,” Timothy wrote on Facebook after Easton was born. He then thanked everyone who prayed for them.

Timothy wrote, “123 restless days of around the clock care, prayers and love in the NICU we finally get to bring him home.. Thank you, Jesus, for this miracle.”