Abortionist will do “whatever it takes,” including moving from pro-life Indiana to pro-death Illinois, to keep the machinery of death in tact

By Dave Andrusko

We knew, of course, the moment Roe v. Wade fell that the list of hard-luck stories about abortionists “forced” to move to a more abortion-friendly state would proliferate. 

Take “life-long Indiana resident” abortionist Katie McHugh who “will do whatever it takes” including moving to Illinois, an abortion haven. 

CBS Chicago’s Marissa Perlman profiled McHugh, who is “part of a new exodus of abortion doctors who are setting up shop in Illinois because they can no longer practice in their home state.”

Where is she headed? “She’s eyeing opening her practice in Illinois close to the Indiana border, the Chicago area or in southern Illinois to help with patients coming in from Kentucky or Tennessee,” Perlman writes.

Along the way, she’s taken to TikTok “to share what it’s like being an abortion practitioner right now in Indiana.”

“This is probably the 10th night in a row I can’t sleep…I am up thinking about what to do.”

Up thinking about what to do, now that her work will soon be criminalized.

According to Perlman, “The new law passed by the Indiana General Assembly and signed by the governor in August will close abortion clinics starting September 15th, unless they are run by a hospital, making Dr. McHugh’s practice illegal.”

More specifically—more accurately—“The new Indiana law protects unborn babies by banning most abortions,” Micaiah Bilger says. “It allows abortions in cases of rape, incest, risks to the mother’s life or fatal fetal anomalies. According to Indiana Right to Life, less than 5 percent of abortions fit into these exceptions. That means almost all of the 8,400-plus unborn babies who were aborted last year in Indiana were killed for elective reasons.”

McHugh said, “We will do whatever it takes to be able to provide that care, and sometimes that means leaving our homes.” 

Perlman observes that once McHugh moves, she will not have the right to kill unborn babies all to herself. 

And the competition from other doctors making the same move is tough.

“All of us who are coming to your state to work or to seek care we are competing with the people who are already are in Illinois,” added McHugh.

“Just because my state has taken the backwards decision that people should not be able to make those decision does not mean that my oath changes,” she told Perlman. “So I will take my oath to Illinois.”

That and the tools she’ll need to continue the slaughter of unborn babies in Illinois, which just last month eliminated parental notification, the last vestige of pro-life laws. Rep. Tom Morrison called the vote a “slap in the face to parents and a grave harm to Illinois girls and those from neighboring states,” who he says will come to Illinois to bypass their own state’s laws.

“The state has prohibited these same girls from getting ear piercings, tattoos, smoking, buying lottery tickets or even visiting indoor tanning salons because they are deemed not mature enough to understand the consequences of their decisions,” Morrison said. “Getting pregnant as a minor is a very serious matter, just as getting a surgical or chemical abortion as a minor is a very serious matter. In either case, parents have a right to know what’s going on with their children”