Abortion tourism begins with Vice President in Nevada

By Melissa Clement, Initiative Chair, Protect Our Kids

While our nation is still facing a baby formula shortage crisis and record high inflation, Kamala Harris came to Nevada this week to help fundraise for Democrats and push her pro-abortion agenda onto our State Legislators.

And you know exactly what they’re going to do with that money:

  • Propagate misleading mail and TV Ads
  • Fill the internet and media with lies about abortion
  • Bolster their attack war chest on the ground
  • Launch dirty attack ads in the mail targeting pro-life candidates
  • Register pro-abortion voters and get out the vote
  • Encourage even more outside money to flow into our state to make abortion-on-demand a reality for fly-in abortion tourists


We have only a few days before our deadline. This is our opportunity to send a message that we really are Battle Born and ready for this fight.

Chip in here.

Thank you.