Pro-life Groups Continue to Oppose Indiana SB 1 After Ineffective Rules Committee Amendments

James Bopp, Jr., General Counsel for the National Right to Life Committee, said today “All major pro-life groups, including the National Right to Life Committee, continue to oppose the adoption of SB 1, since minor and ineffective amendments by the Rules Committee did nothing to address the pervasive and fundamental defects in SB 1, which will result in abortion on demand in Indiana if SB 1 is adopted.”

SB 1 was written with the advice of, and includes language proposed by ACOG– The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists– the nation’s leading pro-abortion medical group. When introduced, it was condemned by all major state and national pro-life groups. 

In the Senate Rules Committee vote on Tuesday, a few minor amendments were adopted which did nothing to fix the major defects in SB 1, so Right to Life groups continue to oppose the adoption of SB 1.

According to Bopp, “SB 1, the ACOG pro-abortion bill, is so fundamentally flawed and its effect is so devastating to the unborn child that it needs wholesale replacement or defeat on the Senate floor. The Indiana Legislature is perfectly capable, as it has consistently done in the past, to propose and to pass suitable pro-life legislation, and it should do so now.”