Calls need to stop Massachusetts radical abortion bill HB5090

By Patricia D. Stewart, Executive Director, Massachusetts Citizens for Life

The radical abortion crowd on Beacon Hill have topped themselves with passage of a deadly expanded abortion bill, HB 5090. We MUST convince Governor Baker to veto it. But he must veto it AFTER the final formal session of the legislature ends this Sunday, July 31st , 2022.

Please call Gov. Baker NOW at (617) 725-4005 and ask him to veto HB 5090 AFTER SUNDAY JULY 31st.

This horrendous bill:
• allows late-term abortions up to birth and for practically any reason;
• creates a dangerous plan to allow abortionists to do abortions in states that outlaw them;
• permits pharmacists to dispense chemical abortions without a doctor’s order;
• protects abortionists from legal action by other states where abortion is illegal;
• prevents MA law enforcement from cooperating with out-of-state legal authorities;
• requires MA public colleges and universities to provide chemical abortions; and
• mandates that Planned Parenthood and similar groups help write regulations.

Our chance to defeat this bill requires a flood of calls to the Governor. Don’t be shy. It’s time to
act NOW. Call him at (617) 725-4005 and express your outrage!

Thank you for all you do for LIFE.