Pelosi slow walks protection for Supreme Court Justices, 27 House Democrats vote no on added security for the justices

Senate unanimously voted in favor a month ago

By Dave Andrusko

Erik Rosales is the Capitol Hill Correspondent for EWTN. He posted the following tweet:

Only On @EWTNNewsNightly

@SpeakerPelosi was asked about the attacks by domestic terrorist group on #ProLife facilities taking place across the nation. The Speaker DID NOT denounce fire bombs or vandalism, instead elaborated on her pro-#abortion agenda

Not of course that this is the least bit surprising. A month ago a bill to better protect justices on the Supreme Court passed the Senate with unanimous consent. But it was not until Tuesday of this week that Speaker Pelosi finally allowed a vote.

“While the bill, the Supreme Court Police Parity Act, did pass and heads to President Joe Biden for him to sign, it was not unanimous, as I covered at the time,” Rebecca Downs reported. “The vote was 396-27, with all 27 ‘no’ votes coming from Democrats.”

In light of the real and present danger to the justices—see the planned assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh—and the dozens and dozens of attacks on pregnancy help centers, it is no wonder that Republicans are alarmed.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “A group of 122 Republicans in the House of Representatives sent a letter Wednesday asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate more than a dozen acts of vandalism and arson at locations run by organizations that seek to persuade women not to have abortions”—aka pregnancy help centers.

“The Department of Justice must act swiftly to investigate and prosecute recent domestic terrorist attacks against pro-life organizations and dissuade future perpetrators of such violence,” the GOP representatives said in their letter to Mr. Garland.

According to the Journal’s Ben Kesling, the Republican House members “asks whether the Justice Department is investigating the attacks and whether it has a plan to ensure similar attacks don’t occur in the future, in partnership with state and local law enforcement.”

The response from the Justice Department? “A representative for the Justice Department didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.”

The letter, Kesling wrote, “said that at least some of the alleged vandalism and intentionally-set fires were committed by radical abortion-rights activists who are part of an organization called Jane’s Revenge.”

We will keep you up to date on the Justice Department’s response. I wouldn’t hold my breath.