CNN’s highly misleading abortion poll

By Dave Andrusko 

As it happens I was looking for something else when I ran across the results of a CNN survey on abortion that was taken in mid-January. Of course—of course—the wording was deceptive but you would never know unless you dig deep.

Just a couple of example will suffice. If you’re trying to get a bead on what Americans want going forward, you must tell them what Roe and Casey allow: essentially abortion on demand. 

John McCormack writes, “A new CNN poll tells respondents that Roe established a right to abortion ‘at least in the first three months of pregnancy.’ The lopsided result in favor of keeping Roe (69 percent to 30 percent) tells us little about what Americans really think about abortion” [].

Just when you think the grossly misleading statement that abortion is only (or “at least”) legal in the first three months has finally given up the ghost, CNN digs it up.

What about the number of Americans who say they’re using the issue “as a litmus test”?  CNN tells us it’s 25% among those who support overturning Roe and 18% among those who don’t want to see it overturned. The pro-life “increment.”