Public Officials Are Told: “Say Abortion!”

By Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues

Pro-abortion organizations have called upon public officials and policy makers to “use the word abortion” because not saying it contributes to negative views about abortion which they label “abortion stigma”. 116 organizations, led by the Center for Reproductive Rights, addressed public officials and policy makers in an open letter in which they complain that “public officials will sometimes refer to abortion as ‘women’s health’ and the legal framework around abortion rights as ‘the right to choose’, ‘pro-choice’ or ‘protecting Roe v. Wade.’ Avoiding the word ‘abortion’ reinforces abortion stigma and the notion that abortion is morally wrong, allowing opponents of abortion to define the moral narrative surrounding it.”

They charge that “abortion stigma” which they define as “associating a ‘negative attribute’ towards people who provide, have had, or are seeking abortions” has enabled the passage of laws like Texas SB 8, which bans abortion at approximately six weeks of pregnancy when a heartbeat is detected.

Abortion stigma according to the organizations “is central to the anti-abortion movement, which wields stigma as a deliberate tactic to erode public support for abortion, disparage health care providers who perform abortions, and shame and isolate patients who have received this type of health care.” 

The pro-abortion organizations fail to realize that changing the words used to talk about abortion does not change the fact that abortion stigma exists because abortion is a destructive, violent act that kills a child in the womb. And public officials know it.

Biden’s New Rule Allows Funding of Planned Parenthood

The Biden administration issued a new regulation overturning the “Protect Life Rule” that will allow Planned Parenthood and other clinics that provide abortions to receive federal family planning funds, although the funds cannot directly pay for abortions.

The final regulation announced by Health and Human Services will allow health clinics which participate in the Title X family planning program for low-income communities to once again refer for abortions. In addition, the rule eliminates “requirements for strict physical and financial separation between abortion-related activities and Title X project activities.”

Planned Parenthood applauded the new regulation calling it a “huge Victory for Sexual and Reproductive Health Care” but expressed regret that it allows for conscientious objection to abortion counseling or referral for Title X grantees calling this part of the rule “harmful and unnecessary”.

Pro-life groups argued that the program’s funding of abortion providers, while not directly subsidizing abortions, will help free up other resources at those clinics for abortions. In 2019, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, forfeited an estimated $60 million in annual Title X funding when it withdrew from the program.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activities, expressed disappointment with the new Title X regulation and told EWTN News Nightly that it is “really sad” that the Biden administration is “in the control of abortion extremists.” He challenged President Biden to act according to his faith, “He likes to call himself a devout Catholic. I would urge him to begin to act like one, especially on the life issues. And to let his faith really inform his conscience and the decisions that he’s making, not the platform of his party.” 

Biden’s Equality Plan: Deadly for Unborn Babies 

The Biden Administration has released its National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality which seeks to “protect the constitutional right to safe and legal abortion established in Roe v. Wade in the United States, while promoting access to sexual and reproductive health and rights both at home and abroad.”

The promotion of the death of the most vulnerable children among us—those alive but not yet born—shows the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration’s claim that it is following a “tireless pursuit of greater equity for all”. 

They present abortion as part of reproductive health care, third in the Strategy’s list of ten strategic priorities: “(3) protecting, improving, and expanding access to health care, including sexual and reproductive health care.”

The Biden Administration’s abortion extremism also includes, “Sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice in the United States are under grave attack” and that they commit to using “all available levers to protect these rights, and we will work to codify the constitutional rights recognized under Roe v. Wade.”

On the international side, Biden’s and Harris’s plan includes ensuring “better integration of sexual and reproductive health service provision in global contexts, including in humanitarian and post-conflict settings”, as well as “U.S. global leadership on sexual and reproductive rights and comprehensive sex education, in bilateral and multilateral fora and in efforts to advance universal health care coverage globally.”