The Bible, The Christ, and the Church for Life

By The Rev. Paul Stallsworth

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared in the September issue of LifeWatch, a publication published by the Taskforce of United Methodists on Abortion and Sexuality.

David Logan is an Irish Catholic layman who has formally studied medicine, the Bible, and the family. His book Protecting the Gift of New Life (2021 edition) lifts up eight “Biblical insights about human life,” which include many suggested verses: (1) “The human being is made by God in God’s own image;” (2) “God asks us to respect and love others, and to be accountable for their lives;” (3) “[t]he Bible recognizes the life of the child before birth;” (4) “[f]rom the Bible we also know that God gives some people their life’s mission even before they are born;” (5) “God’s Word places a great value on the gift of fertility,” and “[w]e belong to God;” (6) “God encourages us to love children as he loves them;” (7) “God encourages his people to live chaste lives;”  and (8) “God calls every human family to be a loving community and a sanctuary of human life.”

In Protecting the Gift of New Life, David Logan proposes what the Word of God, reinforced by the tradition of the Church, declares about life and abortion. In the Church—one, holy, catholic, and apostolic—these are not matters of opinion. They are matters addressed by God’s Word, with God’s love. They are matters of truth and love. 

If you would like to have a copy of this book but you cannot find one, you might write to its author and request a copy: David Logan/c/o Corner House, Mohill Town,/County Leitrim N41 V308/Republic of Ireland. My best guess is that a book would be forthcoming.