Study finds that almost 74% of post-abortive women were coerced

By Sarah Terzo

A study on post-abortive women found the following:

73.8% of post-abortive women surveyed admitted that they experienced at least subtle forms of pressure to terminate their pregnancies.

58.3% indicated that they decided to abort in order to make others happy.

Nearly 30% of survey respondents admitted that they were afraid that they would lose their partner if they didn’t abort

66% said they felt abortion was wrong.

67.5% said it was one of the hardest decisions of their lives.

Priscilla K. Coleman, Ph.D., Kaitlyn Boswell, B.S., Katrina Etzkorn, B.S., Rachel Turnwald, B.S. “Women Who Suffered Emotionally from Abortion: A Qualitative Synthesis of Their Experiences.” Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Volume 22 Number 4 Winter 2017

This study was based on anonymous surveys of 987 women who sought postabortion counseling at pregnancy centers. Because these women regretted their abortions, the results may not be generalizable to all women who have had abortions. Nevertheless, the study shows that coercion is a problem.

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