Every birth is worth a city-wide celebration

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Editor’s note. This repost of a story that appeared a year ago today in NRL News Today reminds us that each and every one of us is unique and invaluable.

It was one of those uplifting stories you may not have seen in your daily Facebook news feed.

Time magazine published a single quote from the mayor of Morterone, which the publication described as “the smallest village in Italy.”

“It truly is a celebration for the whole community,” Antonella Invernizzi said.

The reason for the jubilation was the arrival of a baby on July 19th. The birth marked the first one in eight years for the tiny metropolis, with a population of a whopping 29.

Monterone is not the only village that should be celebrating. For the birth of a baby is always a blessing, no matter what the size of the town in which the birth occurs.

That may seem self-evident, but in today’s culture, it is not. The abortion industry and its allies want women to believe that babies are a burden which can be eliminated, all in the name of “choice.”

But with abortion, a precious child’s life is snuffed out, leaving a mother to grieve what could be the only child she will ever have. The science is as clear as an Italian lake—life begins at conception.

Therefore, every birth is worthy of a city-wide celebration. The residents of Morterone are on the right track. For in celebrating a baby, they are also celebrating a mother and father who brought that baby into existence—and the formation of a family.

Sadly, Italy’s annual birth total of 440,000 is the lowest since the country united in 1861. The birth dearth has created a demographic disaster, the result of a smaller population and a workforce that is aging fast. Economists contend that the population crisis is a prime reason for the nation’s failing economy.

And yet, abortion advocates recently decried a lack of abortions in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic. The objections are not just short-sighted, but breathtakingly tone-deaf, considering the nation’s birth crisis.

But hope, like a fountain, springs eternal. Perhaps Morterone’s little baby boom will echo throughout the country, leading Italy to reverse its demographic free fall.