General Assembly Special Session Update!

New Bills to Watch!

The General Assembly Special Session — an extension of the just-finished regular session — started yesterday and there is something new to bring to your attention (see below).

Updates on the other bills we have been following will come tomorrow. All the bills we have warned you about before are in Committees in the House or Senate, respectively. We expect them all to go to the full House or Senate by Monday. Please keep sending messages onSB1276, HB1896 and SB1235.

New Bills: Maternal Health Task force Bill and Fetal/Infant Death Review Bills Gain Ground in General Assembly

Two bills that will help track the status of maternal health and deaths, as well as the circumstances surrounding fetal and early infant death have both passed out of the House and are now in the Virginia Senate.

VSHL is supporting these bills because the state needs to gather better information in both areas. Information like this will help to determine if circumstances like a prior abortion may be affecting the health of subsequent pregnancies among Virginia women. It may also uncover incidences of abortion complications that lead to live births or maternal death or injury. Currently such things too often go unreported or are underreported, which protects abortionists.

These bills will be voted on this week!

Please contact your Senator and ask her or him to support these bills:

HB 1950 — Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Team; Delegate Ayala (D-51st)

HB 2111 — Maternal Health Data and Quality Measures, Task Force; Del. Herring, (D-16th)