Amazing teenager, Chloe Kondrich, joins Vice President Pence at his home for Christmas Party

Chloe is an ambassador for the disability rights community

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Chloe Kondrich

It could be the dream of any girl, but it was particularly special for this one.

Teenager Chloe Kondrich recently received an invitation to the home of the Vice President of the United States. The event was filled with holiday cheer, marking the countdown to Christmas.

Chloe has Down syndrome, but her disability has not stopped her from achieving remarkable milestones. She has become somewhat of an ambassador for the disability rights community, showing the world the potential and promise of people who happen to have an extra chromosome.

At the Christmas party, the Vice President greeted her by name. She refers to him as “her friend, Mike.” The rest of the world knows him as the second-in-line for the Oval Office, Mike Pence. At a previous event, Chloe had the honor of introducing the Vice President. The hug that followed became a viral moment chronicled on social media.

The visit to the Vice President’s house is just the latest in a series of tremendous honors for Chloe. Her face has lit up the screens at Times Square numerous times, and she has spoken at the United Nations. She has met numerous public officials, including the President of the United States. She has also been in the company of sports stars, acclaimed musical artists, and other noteworthy figures.

Chloe and her family have been honored with the Pennsylvania Leadership Award by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, an affiliate of National Right to Life. Everywhere she goes, just by her presence, Chloe celebrates the capabilities of people with disabilities. Her message of inclusion, delivered with an infectious smile, is so appropriate for our times when, sadly, the vast majority of preborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.

Chloe reminds each of us of the value of every life and the connection we all share, just by virtue of our humanity. May we all be a little more like Chloe—filled with joy, savoring every moment of our existence on planet Earth.