Your NRLC at work in the 2020 General Elections

By Jacki Ragan

Editor’s note. This appears on page one of the Special Post-Election edition of National Right to Life News. Please enjoy this story and all the other news, commentaries, editorials, and columns and please pass them along to pro-life family and friends.

Just prior to the November 3rd General Elections, I wrote a story for the pre-election issue of National Right to Life News titled, “The Power of One ~ You!” It was, in a gentle way, a challenge to individual grassroots pro-lifers and to NRLC’s magnificent state affiliates.

This post-election issue of “the pro-life newspaper of record” is a testimony to the magnificent response from one end of this nation to the other, both in Congress and in the states. 

As I write this story, pro-life President Trump is valiantly fighting back against very questionable election accounts in a number of key battleground states. He’s been a valiant champion of unborn children and a ceaseless protector of the right of religious freedom and conscience. He deserves a second term.

Control of the Senate depends on two run-off elections in Georgia which will take place January 5. You can be sure National Right to Life is doing everything possible, as always doing more with less to produce the “pro-life increment.” Please read the story on page one. Also take time to read the story on page five about pro-life Senate Majority Leader  Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) whose contributions to the cause of unborn babies is immense.

Pro-abortion Democrats, such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, predicted double-digit gains in the House of Representatives. Instead as I write this story, pro-lifers are up [x”] seats in the House. In addition, at least 14 new pro-life Republican women are coming to Washington, DC.

As you read this issue, you will read account after account documenting tremendous gains in the states, primarily the result of the work of our affiliates. Bear in mind, pro-abortion Democrat candidates, like their presidential candidate, raised or were the beneficiary of countless millions of dollars.

To name just a few of the states who fought of heavily financed challengers, there is Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Montana, West Virginia, Louisiana,  Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Kansas. 


National Right to Life was deeply involved in key Senate races and in states which did not have a competitive Senate race but were instrumental to President Trump. 

First and foremost, post-election polling , the McLaughlin & Associates poll found that the issue of abortion affected the way 41.3% of the people voted–to the great advantage of the pro-life candidate. Of that 41.3%,  23.1% voted for the pro-life candidate to 18.2% for the pro-abortion candidate: a net gain of 5 points!

As is our practice, we do not get overly specific about our outreach. Suffice it to say, National Right to Life was widely involved in every possible way to alert to the public as to who was the pro-life candidate. Everything from social media, to mail, to radio spots, to phone calls—all this and much more.

And people knew we were there! For example, the McLaughlin & Associates poll found that almost exactly a third (32%) said they heard or saw something from National Right to Life! 

Our digital footprint was staggering: 51% of those who heard from National Right to Life recalled seeing something on a website or on social media from National Right to Life.

In addition, nearly half (48.7%) of those who heard or saw something from National Right to Life heard something on the radio and 47% received information in the mail. 

And I’m proud to say that  21% said they recalled seeing or hearing information provided by a state right to life group.

Thanks go out to our millions of grassroots supporters and our tremendous  state affiliates.

And please say a prayer for President Trump. He is a fighter and if anyone can overcome the Democrat/Media machine, it is President Trump.